Geraldine Coggins - Altrincham and Sale West



My priorities in this election are:


-       to protect our NHS and public services. We need public services that are run for us, not for profits.

-       to stand up for a fairer, more equal society with decent wages, a supportive, reliable welfare system and no need for foodbanks.

-       To push the UK to lead the world by taking decisive action to tackle climate change and air pollution.

-       To stand up for a fairer voting system. The system is broken and people around the country are disillusioned. Changing our voting system could change the way we do politics in this country.


I worked as a university lecturer in Philosophy before taking time out to spend with my small children. I joined the Green Party seven ago because I want a fairer society and a cleaner planet.


We need to make it easier for people to live healthy, fulfilling, sustainable lives. Vote Green for a positive change to our society and our planet.