Mike Ingleson - Stretford and Urmston



Dr Michael Ingleson was born and bred in Newport, South Wales and was educated from 11-18 at his local comprehensive school. Post his A levels a degree and PhD. in chemistry was followed by chemistry research jobs around the country.  Currently he is research chemist and lecturer that works in central Manchester. Michael has lived in Urmston for the last four years with his wife and loves the green space, local shops and great bars and restaurants that are present in abundance around the area.


Personal statement:

As a scientist I believe decisions should be based on fact, evidence and logic. I really wish more politicians did this! The green party are the exception. They really have joined up policies not just to tackle the issue of climate change (which after reading many of the scientific articles on the topic is real, is human caused and should be a growing concern to us all) but to improve all our lives in many ways. If you don't believe me go to one of the policy checking websites (for example i side with - though others are available) to look at the facts and vote for policies not for slogans or mindless mantra. I strongly believe if you look at our policies you'll be pleasantly surprised!