"We are all Tina Rothery."

9 December 2016

Stopping fracking in the UK before it even starts is possible, and vital in the fight against climate change. We in the North West are in the front line, and no one more so than Lancashire Nana, Tina Rothery.
Tina "owes" Cuadrilla £55,000 in legal costs for eviction from a field earmarked for fracking, even though all the protesters left voluntarily. She cannot and will not pay: the criminals are the companies who want to pollute local air and water and spew methane and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This will hasten the warming which is melting the Arctic icecaps as temperatures there rise to 20 degrees above normal for November. We already see the effects in Britain in the severe flooding of recent years.
Tina is in court in Preston on Friday 9th December. She may well be sent to prison, initially for 2 weeks and then again when she still refuses to pay. But we can affect the outcome- if there are many of us outside the court the judge may think long and hard before creating a martyr and giving more publicity to our movement."We are all Tina Rothery."
10.30am Gather at Flag Market (in front of Harris Museum on Cheapside,PR1 2PP
10.55ish-walk together to the court for 11am:
Preston Combined Law Courts
Openshaw Place
On the Ringway
Tina is in court at 12 noon and the hearings are expected to end around 2.30.
See also Facebook event I am Tina Too

A copy of Tina's statement to the court on 25 June 2016 is in the pinned post and you can follow this link for more: http://tinalouiseuk.blogspot.co.uk/2016/06/dear-justice.html


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