Make Votes Matter with Natalie Bennett in Albert Square this Saturday 19th August

15 August 2017

All are welcome at  the Make Votes Matter Rally for Proportional Representation taking place in Manchester on Saturday 19th August 2017, 12.30pm - 2.00pm at Albert Square, outside the Town Hall.

Hear from speakers including former Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett about how we can build a better democracy.

There will be music, a stall, banners, placards and actions you can continue in your own towns and communities.

Our current 19th Century First Past the Post system of electing MPs is no longer fit for purpose. We need to ensure that those who are entitled to vote have a vote that counts - and counts equally!


Proportional Representation is used to elect the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly, Northern Ireland Assembly, and London Assembly. It's time that we started using this for our General Elections too.

We join a long line of democratic movements going back over a century who have fought for the right to vote - and to a vote that counts.

Join our thousands of campaign supporters to build pressure for change @MakeVotesMatter @Alliance4PR also on Facebook

We are also commemorating the Peterloo Massacre and the suffrage movement. Manchester has been chosen as the location as it is almost 200 years after the Peterloo Massacre. We're meeting right on the spot where the 1819 Peterloo Massacre took place, close to the blue plaque commemorating those who died protesting for universal suffrage.


Not only is it the location of the 1819 Peterloo Massacre, which kicked off the long struggle for fair democratic representation: it is also the home of the Pankhursts, who continued the fight for universal suffrage almost 100 years later, finally turning to a more radical, militant campaign for votes for women. There's a Manchester Walk in memory of the Pankhursts (Emmeline, Christabel and Sylvia) and the Pankhurst Centre houses a small museum and heritage centre - a legacy to the Pankhurst family and to the Suffragette movement - as well as serving as a women’s community centre.

Our movement is a continuation of this same struggle for fair democratic representation and for votes that count equally.

Please share/ retweet this event and invite your friends so we can secure as big a turnout as possible.

It will be a fantastic day! Please don't forget to sign up as "Going" on the Events page, link here > 

Come along and demand a vote that counts!