We will be standing at least one candidate in every ward in Trafford in the local elections this Thursday May 3rd.

2 May 2018


Trafford Green Party have announced that they will be standing at least one candidate in every ward in Trafford in the local elections this Thursday May 3rd. 


We are standing a total of 22 candidates across all 21 wards of Trafford with two candidates standing in Altrincham this year where two seats have become available. 

Altrincham candidate Dan Jerrome says:

“we are working hard all year around, not just at election time but

we could do so much more if we were on the council ourselves”




There is  a double election in Altrincham this time. One of the Conservative Councillors has resigned half way through his term so you’ll have two votes and can vote for both Dan and Geraldin 

We came second in the last local elections. Since then we’ve gained a lot of support so it is between ourselves and the new conservative candidates this time.

- A lot of people who vote for other parties in General Elections are voting Green this time around to give Altrincham the hard-working councillors it deserves.

We have a real chance but it is going to be very close and every vote will count

 The Green Party currently has over 160 councillors across England and Wales.  There are Green Councillors in Liverpool, Leeds and Sheffield.  It”s time that Trafford led the way for Greater Manchester and elects its first Green Councillor 

 Full Candidate List

Altrincham & Sale West Constituency

  • Altrincham - Dan Jerome
  •                   - Geraldine Coggins
  • Ashton on Mersey - Caroline Robertson Brown
  • Bowdon - Nigel Hennerley
  • Broadheath - Dan Gresty
  • Hale Barns - Debbie Leftwich
  • Hale Central - Steve Leicester
  • St Mary’s - Nick Robertson Brown
  • Timperley - Jadwiga Leigh
  • Village - Matthew Westbrook


Stretford & Urmston Constituency 

  • Bucklow St Martins - Roddy Capucho
  • Clifford - Jess Mayo
  • Davyhulme East -Steve Tennant
  • Davyhulme West - Robert Raikes
  • Flixton - Christine McLaughlin
  • Gorse Hill - Joe Ryan
  • Longford - Margaret Westbrook
  • Stretford - Liz O'Neill
  • Urmston - Tim Woodward


Wythenshawe & Sale East Constituency

  • Brooklands - Mandy King
  • Priory - Paul Greer
  • Sale Moor - Jane Leicester



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