Urmston - Luciya Whyte

  I joined the Green Party after the last general election, my gut feeling was that the Green Party were the only party with any integrity left, the promises of the others were purely to win, I was fed up with seeing our communities suffer in so many ways, health services, environment and education have all been affected in so many negative ways.. It is time for a positive change.

I have lived in Trafford for the last 13 years or so, and am lucky enough to have spent  the last 3 in Urmston.  My employment background is in the NHS as a Registered General Nurse.   I have worked at St Marys Hospital for women and children (part of Manchester Foundation Trust) which includes Trafford Hospital, for my entire 16 year career.  I work currently as a Specialist Nurse in the  Gynaecology Out Patients Department.  My role also  includes developing the service that I provide for women.  I see women from all over Trafford and the Greater Manchester area.  I plan to improve the waiting times, expand the treatments we offer and most importantly improve our patients experience across the Trafford and central site.  I have first hand experience of how NHS cuts affect the service and how we have to be extremely resourceful we what little we have.

As a mother of 2 boys, both attend local schools, I understand the importance of a good quality education.  There are pros and cons to the current systems in Trafford, children are travelling across the borough to get to their school of choice, our children need to get to school safely & healthily.  There is a distinct lack of pedestrian crossings near our local schools, a lack of good quality and clean footpaths and lack of cycle lanes and traffic calming, it is just not acceptable.  These are issues I regularly hear the local community talk about.

I am a keen cyclist, travelling to my workplace by bike, I enjoy cycling with the fantastic local cycling groups in Urmston and further afield.  In May I am undertaking a 355km charity bike ride to raise money for cancer that affects women and have raised over £1700.  My experience of cycling highlights the difficulties that cyclists encounter and I can understand that it is daunting for those new to cycling or those wanting to cycle as their way of commuting.  There are a lack of cycle lanes and the ones we have are often misused by other commuters,  many are in a state of disrepair.  The Greens aim for a sustainable society, which with the current government, feels impossible.  Encouraging others to change the way they commute will  reduce the amount of pollution, encourage healthy living and make our roads safer and will only be possible with the vision of the Green party.

We need to think about the here and now, but also about the near and distant future for all. The Green Party’s values are based in our economical, environmental and social wellbeing and offer us hope for the future.