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Trafford Green Party Position on the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF)  

14th December 2020
Cllr Geraldine Coggins, Leader of the Green Party group on Trafford Council stated:
"The GMSF is a complex issue and it is too early to say whether a plan of the 9 could work. 

It was an ambitious plan but it was problematic in many ways. We were going to vote against it because it prioritised short-term economic growth over meeting our climate responsibilities. 

The principle of GM working together was good and would have meant a net saving of greenbelt. If it really is dead, we risk thousands more units being built on greenbelt on the south side of GM while brownfield sites are unused in the north. 

There are massive tensions between government setting housing targets, a metro mayor, and 10 different boroughs with their own local issues. So perhaps this is partially a result of the sort of messy, partial devolution deal we have in GM.

Wherever we go from here, all forward planning must now focus on the climate crisis. We have just a few years to make a decisive difference and we can’t do that while concreting over valuable green spaces, like Carrington Moss and Timperley Wedge."


Trafford Green Party response to Trafford Council 2020 budget





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