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Trafford Green Party


Further Comments of Trafford Green Party in response to developments since original deadline.


We continue to object to the proposals in the strongest possible terms.

All of our concerns regarding the proposals remain and, in addition, recent information produced by consultees and others merely adds to the confusion created by this badly thought out and unacceptably rushed planning application.

The proposal represents inappropriate development in the Green Belt with significant harm.

There is considerable other harm, in addition to that represented by the inappropriateness of the development proposed, including, amongst many others, harm to the landscape; to wildlife; to the residential amenities of local residents, by way of noise/light intrusion; to highway safety; to the flood risk of surrounding areas  and the site itself; and loss of publicly accessible playing fields.

The supposed benefits of the scheme are minimal and vague, and in no way compensate for the harm to the Green Belt and other harm.

The scheme fails to comply with, or meet the requirements of, a large number of adopted development plan policies, as well as legal and National planning policy requirements.

There has been no attempt on the part of the applicant to address issues of sustainable development, including environmental concerns (the site is a wildlife corridor, a protected landscape area, a community forest area, and a flood plain), and the use of Sustainable Drainage Systems, as well as eco-friendly and energy efficient sustainable designs.

There are a very large number of inconsistencies within and between documents and plans.


Full comments here .....




Original objection submission Here...





Accompanying letter submited to the council here......


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