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Welcome to Trafford Green Party  

Trafford Green Party is your local Green Party for Trafford residents - part of the the national Green Party of England and Wales (GPEW).
As such we subsribe to the policies and principal of the national party but work in Trafford with the primary aim of getting Green Party councillors into Trafford council so we can give voice in council to local residents.
At this we have been highly successful, we now have no less than three Green councillors in Trafford - challenging and ecouraging the current labour council to go that step further in matters affecting both the environment and social justice.  This is more than words. Some of our motions brought to council include
  • Declaring a climate emergency (this is more than symbolic - council actions and policies must take account of the very real climate crisis we see happening now) - 2018
  • Motion to eliminate the use of Glyphosate weed killer in Trafford - 2019
  • Motion to reduce Grass Cutting so as to Increase Biodiversity in Parks and Roadsides - 2019
  • Accountability and transparency in tackling the climate emergency - 2020


There are plenty more but aside from this our councillors work hard throughout the year helping residents with any specific issues or problems they may have.
Besides our councillors we have a number of friendly active members and supporters and if you are interested in helping build Trafford Green Party into an even stronger political voice you would be more than welcome.  See here for how to get involved


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Help Jane Leicester get elected in Hale Central

In May 2021 Jane Leicester came close to unseating a Conservative councillor.  This time round with hard work we can get Jane elected to Trafford council, adding another Green to our three hardworking and dedicated Green councillors in Trafford. But we need funding for our leaflets so please visit Jane's crowd funder page and help us to produce our campaign leaflets.