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Objection and Comments of Trafford Green Party


The proposals and the accompanying documentation are poorly presented and significantly incomplete.  There are gross inconsistencies between documents and many vital plans are illustrative only.  A decision cannot be made on this application until satisfactory details on layout, restrictions on public access, end-user, drainage and flood risk, contamination, bio-diversity, lighting, pitch design standards, traffic usage and safety issues, have been provided - with consistency across documents.  Planning permission could not possibly be granted when the relevant plans and documents present such divergent information, and when essential details are missing. 

The whole set of proposals and accompanying documentation bear all the hallmarks of a hastily- and poorly-constructed approach – as is evidenced by the number of indicative or illustrative plans included.  This approach is not compatible with the scale of development proposed and the widespread implications.

The proposals are clearly in contravention of National Policy as contained within the National Planning Policy Framework, and in particular Green Belt Policy. They are also clearly in contravention of a number of planning policies adopted by Trafford Council in its Development Plan Documents.  We do not believe that the proposals could be amended or conditioned in any way to overcome these contraventions.  Similarly we do not believe there is sufficient detailed and accurate information to allow for any meaningful Section 106 agreements to be concluded to overcome the major planning concerns and that therefore there is no way of securing the supposed community benefits outlined within the documentation.

There are significant and worrying errors within a number of the key documents submitted with this application.  A decision cannot be made until these are rectified.  Other documents are incomplete and the results of further surveys are apparently still awaited.  It is not possible for consultees to make fully informed responses on the basis of incomplete, erroneous or confusing documentation, and we request that the application is withdrawn until full, complete and accurate reports are provided.

Our full response can be read here......

Accompanying letter submited to the council here......




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