Trafford Green Party submit detailed response to the GM Spatial Framework proposals

18 March 2019

Whilst we recognised that there were improvements on the original version, in our opinion the proposals in it did not match the principles of protection and development of green Infrastructure network. It, in no way, supported the requirement for GM to be carbon neutral by 2038, which is the current target for Greater Manchester.

Some of the concerns included:

  • Issues relating to government statistics and their unreliability/inadequacy for forecasting purposes need to be addressed.


  • There is no compelling evidence to justify the need to release Green Belt Land


  • The emphasis on HS2 as a focus for developmental strategy must be abandoned, in the light of recent economic concerns, increased cost concerns, proposed reductions in speed and frequency, and negative effects on the natural environment and landscapes.


  • The proposal to double the capacity of Manchester Airport is unacceptable on climate change, air pollution, and congestion grounds. Air transport will, of necessity, decrease in both attractiveness and necessity with the advent of alternative business models based on new communication technologies. Moreover, coupled with the proposed HS2 station it will merely make it easier for economic visitors to find an alternative method of accessing London.


  • In addition to HS2 and Manchester Airport expansion, there are too many other vanity projects proposed that will have negative impacts on the transport and environmental infrastructure of Greater Manchester. In particular, Port Salford, the proposed Ryder Cup Golf Course, and the proposed major new settlement of New Carrington, are examples of poorly thought out schemes with inadequate evidence of need – either in absolute terms or in terms of scale.


  • High grade agricultural land and many important bio-diversity sites are being sacrificed for projects of questionable economic or social benefit


  • The reliance on other agencies and a myriad of alternative funding mechanisms for the implementation of the Strategy, renders its likelihood of success somewhat questionable in the form laid out in the GMSF document.


Trafford Green Party submitted a detailed response, which can be read here. It is a long document and the summary can be found at the end.

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