25 January 2024

Councillor Hannah Spencer gets council action on single use vapes

Councillor Hannah Spencer(left) with councillors Owain Sutton and Jane Leicester

Hannah has been working with councillors from all parties to agree cross-party support for tighter laws on the sale of disposable e-cigarettes.

Residents have told us of their concern that more and more children are vaping. The effects are not fully understood, but any risks are greater for young people whose lungs are still developing.

It is illegal to sell vapes to anyone aged under 18, but the law is flouted by a growing number of shops. Manufacturers use colourful packaging and child-friendly flavours to attract young consumers.

There are also anti-social and environmental aspects to disposable vapes. They create litter. They waste lithium, a limited resource. When lithium batteries are littered the chemical can leach into the environment. They can also create serious fire hazards.

Hannah helping to keep the local area clear of litter


These vapes carry health risks and harm our environment. I’m delighted that the council has agreed to lobby the government to ban their sale altogether. In the meantime, local controls will be tightened.

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