We have a team of officers and committee members who run the local party and coordinate our activities.

Margaret WMembership Secretary/Local Contact - Margaret Westbrook

Margaret's interest in politics is long standing and she has invaluable campaigning  experience ,  she believes the Green Party are the big alternative to address the needs of our children and grandchildren for the future.

Our Chairman Co-Chair - Liz O'Neil

Liz supports public services for all who need them and opposes austerity, fracking, tax dodging and the destruction of our natural environment.





GeraldineCo-Chair  Geraldine Coggins

Wants to see a peaceful revolution. As the biggest threat facing our world today, we need to bring climate change to the centre of the political agenda.

Ian Stannage

Treasurer - John Westbrook

Another retiree roused from inactivity by Caroline Lucas's inspiring leadership. John believes that pressure from below can bring action from above.

Soo ChapmanPress Agent - Sean Ryan

He likes to dare hope that the pen is mightier than the sword.

Matt BurgessElection Agent - Jennie Wadsworth

Election agent for all 21 of our candidates - must make Jennie one of  the planets hardest working election agents !


Josh Baker Campaigns Officer - Owain Sutton

Music teacher and master strategist !


Steve TennantWeb Manager - Steve Tennant

Steve is a member of the Green Party he helps run our local party website